Why Photography is Fun

Why Photography is Fun

One of the most exquisite forms of art is photography. It does not only show the magnificence of a certain frame; it also captures a precise moment that one can never take back.

Photography is a technical art. It requires knowledge of at least the basics of handling a camera. The good thing is that nowadays, it is not so difficult to learn the basics of a camera anymore. There are now different cameras that are user-friendly. Even cellphones, or smart phones rather, can be used as cameras. That is why the technicality of this great form of art is no longer a hindrance to one who would like to practice or venture into photography.

How To Capture The Best Moments With A Camera

How To Capture The Best Moments With A Camera

It is believed that the camera is an extension of a person’s eye. It has the ability to capture what the eye would like to be looking at over and over. Photography makes it possible to freeze time and capture it in one single shot. In this way, other people will also see what happened on that precise moment. It can be repeatedly looked at for a number of times. It can also be stared at for the longest time possible.

That is the magic that photography gives.

However, before arriving at this perfect shot, a person must see to it that he is able to capture the right moment that he wants to share to other people. He must be able to capture that precise time that he wants to stare at for the longest time ever. To be able to get that perfect shot, here are some tips on how to capture the best moment with a camera.

Some Of The Most Amazing Historical Photos

Some Of The Most Amazing Historical Photos

One of the beautiful things about photography is that it is able to capture a certain moment in time that makes up history. Some are personal histories and some are histories shared by the whole of humankind. These are photos that can take people to where – or when – they have never been to.

History is as big a part of people’s lives as the present. So here are some photos taken from the past that contributed to what the present is now.

Taking Pictures Of Smokers Smoking

Taking Pictures Of Smokers Smoking

There is something peculiar about smoke that it can look so beautiful when captured in a wonderfully taken shot. It is like making the untouchable gas seem touchable. It is also equally amazing photographing people while they smoke. There is a beautiful shape created by the smoke that they blow from their mouths. There are some who are even talented at creating different shapes by blowing smokes from their mouths.

Capture to Create Smoke Art

There are some guides for those who would want to capture the best shots of smoke from smokers. These few tips will help one get that shot that they are aiming for.

First is to find the perfect spot. This spot must have the right amount of light so that the smoke will be seen in the frame. Some people believe that a spot with a black or dark backdrop is the best for smoke art. Next is one must fix his camera in the proper setting. The shutter speed should be 1/250 or faster, if necessary. It is better to have a fast shutter speed because it will be able to capture smoke properly. A slow shutter speed will result to hazy images. As for the aperture, it is best to choose a small aperture. This is because smoke flies away fast. It disappears easily.

So the combination of a fast shutter speed and a small aperture is the perfect combination to capture smoke. For the ISO, it is best to set it at 100 to avoid grainy photos. However, if there is enough light in the spot where the smoke is, the ISO can be adjusted.

Although smoking is not good for one’s health (these are healthier), smoking can highly contribute to smoke art. People who smoke are the perfect subject in smoke art because of all the different things that they can do when blowing out. There are other things where smoke can come from but people who smoke have the ability to form the exact smoke that one would like to capture. It leaves a huge room for experimenting different styles and capturing different smoke motions.

Capture to Spread Awareness on Smoking Effects

Aside from creating smoke art, taking pictures of smokers smoking can also be done to spread the effects of smoking. This kind of photography can be used to show people that smoking is not as ‘cool’ as some perceive it to be. Even though marijuana smokers have been switching to devices that vaporize the chemicals, it can also be seen as a means to communicate with people and to show them that smoking is truly bad for one’s health. There are different health institutions and organizations that take pictures of smokers smoking to show that people who smoke are not getting any healthier with every stick that they light and puff.

Taking pictures of smokers can either be a work of art or a tool for health aids. Regardless of the purpose of taking pictures, smoking is never a healthy habit. So if one would like to create art out of taking pictures of smokers smoking, it would also be better to emphasize that smoking is unhealthy. After all, a picture can paint a thousand words.

How To Live A Better Life

How To Live A Better Life

Life is such a beautiful gift that a person gets only once. That is why every person gifted with this life should not put it to waste. People should make the most of what they have and enjoy the life that they are given.

Living can be difficult at times. With all the earthly problems and trouble that the world can give, it is not surprising to see people who do not want live anymore. Some just breathe, they survive, but they do not really live. That should not be the case. No matter how difficult it is to live, every person must find ways to live a better life. After all, every person has only one shot at this.

People should let go of the things that hurt them and are not worth hurting for.

A person has an average life span of 70 years. That is quite long but not long enough to be forever. So why should a person waste even just a minute of his life feeling hurt? There is absolutely no reason at all. But pain makes a person feel alive. There are some people who and things that are worth hurting for. So if he feels alive, it should be for the right person or thing. Or else, it can be considered as a wasted time.

Do what you love to do

Just like hurting for the wrong person or thing, if one does something that he does not want to do, that is just one gigantic waste of time. So one should get learn to do the things that he wants to do – sing, dance, act, paint, etc. – and do them. A person must dance even if it will make him look crazy. He must sing even if it will create thunderstorms. At the end of the day, people regret more on the things that they were not able to do rather on the things they did.

Live in the moment

Most of the things that stress people are those that are not there yet or have not happened yet. These things are those that are in the future. People give so much of their time thinking about the future that they forget about the present. It should not be that way. People should live in the now. People should enjoy the sunrise while it is twilight. People should watch the stars while it is still night time. People should appreciate where they are at the moment. Well, people should appreciate the moment. Life is something that has to be taken one step at a time. There is no need to rush for tomorrow while today is still here.

A person should choose to live a better life; there’s no other way to live life than to live it better every single day. But knowing how to live a better life is a person’s choice. No one can tell him how to do it because it is only him who knows what ‘better life’ means for him. The mentioned tips here are just some of the guidelines that he can run to should he feel lost in the middle of exploring his life.